Custom CNC Prototyping

Small scale, high precision, low cost.

Your source for precision machined parts; a machine shop using CAD/CAM and CNC machine tools to make long and short runs of small-scale parts. From drawings to finished parts, we're reliable. Inspection and statistical process control back up our quality.


Equipment includes a 9" (229mm) x 7" (178mm) x 5.38" (137mm) (X,Y,Z) CNC running EMC2 with a 4" 4th axis. A 4"x5" metal lathe, and your more typical shop equipment (drill press, bandsaw, etc).

We protype all first-runs with a high resolution machinable wax; which maintains sharp details and tolerances via a minimal tool-wear and recycable material.

Final products are typically various grades of aluminum, plastics, and wood. Although steels, stainless, and titanium are possible as well.

Examples of recent projects/parts can be found in the photos to your right (click to enlarge).

The focus of my personal projects is on:
>>Sustainable transportation vehicles
>>Small powerplants


Call (503.488.5461) or E-mail to request a quote

Attach your PDF, DWG, or DXF file to an Email, and I'll respond within 24 hours.

Project Examples